Nirav Chahwala

CREATIVE - Solopreneur | Consultant | Coach 

that's  about  me...  my  journey  with  creativity...

Hi I’m Nirav Chahwala aka NC and I know that I have come into this world with a clear purpose and mission: To help 100,000 people live a lifestyle of Creativity & FreedomI truly appreciate the fact that you’re here. I want to develop a deep virtual relationship with you. Because I value your time here. Because I value you. And for that, I would like to share a little about myself.

My Background

School... Art... Craft...Science... Chemistry... Computer... Educator... Events... Weddings... Educator... Festivals... Digital World... Educator... Creative Solopreneur...All Connects Creativity.

Throughout schooling (since 2nd Standard - 1984) had love for Arts...Crafts...Colors as my Mom & Grandma always encouraged & guided me. 

After schooling joined B.Sc.

Happen to get chance to complete my last year of graduation in Mithibai College(Mumbai). I make a big decision of my life to quit Chemistry(my dream goal) forever.

I started searching for a new field that could excite me, could be adventurous & I got a chance to get scholarship in an IT course. 

My craving for learning & teaching Arts through digital medium made me jump to teach Graphic Designing, Animation & Website Designing. 

My life took a big turn...

My cousin guided me to start a venture of visual merchandising. It was successful project and I thanked my cousin for the idea and decided to make this my full time business. 

My Golden days started, I researched and started my event management with decor as my forte. 

Midway got chance to Manage & Mentor a franchisee of renowned EVENT MANAGEMENT Institute of India for 5 years... which i happily executed alongwith ongoing event business. 

Its more than 20+ years in the Event & Wedding Industry, till date I meet & learn from world best event and wedding planners. 

Now during lockdown I discovered my lost love of Digital world & started learning - teaching Digital skills + Creative Concepts + Event Management courses through Digital resources shaping me to becoming a Creative SOLOpreneur. 

Currently, I am founder of BRANDfluenzers - a magnificent tribe of Influencers, Bloggers, Content Creators, Solopreneurs & Social Media Enthusiasts, spread across cities of India. I mentor the community with Personal Branding Strategies & helping grow 10x. 

I have strong urge to keep learning, sharing new ideas/concepts. 

I am on mission to make Surat a City of Celebrations & INDIA the most Creative Country in the World.




: I-P-President :


South Gujarat Event Management Association

: Founder :

Social Events & Weddings


Community of Influencers, Bloggers & Content Creators.

Social FACE Community for Festivals of Art Culture & Entertainment


Dial A Decor Intimate Home Decor & DIY Kits

: Co-founder :

PlayByArt Lifestyle Festivals including Rainaa The Flea

: Proud Member :
International Festival & Event Association


Thai Indian Wedding Association


Event Management Federation of Gujarat