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About Us:

b r a n d f l u e n z e r s is an initiative to educate, serve, share - value information & help people create MSI( Multiple Sources of Income ) to attain financial freedom, create their influence in the society, set their authority through blogging & live a lifestyle.

b r a n d f l u e n z e r s business tribe (b.b.t) is an elite community of Brands, Influencers, Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers as its members.

Core purpose is to connect with each other for personal & business - development & growth, mastering the current trends in the market.

The Event: 14th July 2021

Event is divided into 2 Segments
1. Meetup + Workshop
2. Social Influencers & Bloggers Awards

Segment 1: Meetup + Workshop

b r a n d f l u e n z e r s is coming up with a Networking Meet + Workshop event to connect Brands with Influencers + Bloggers + Affiliate Marketers. People from all segments of Industry can be part of this Meetup.

Workshops will be conducted by Leading Coaches in that Subject, imparting insights on 
- Knowing about Brand( Brands)
- How to Create Influence ( Influencers)
- What is Blogging & How to create a blog ( Bloggers )
- What is Affiliate Marketing and How You can create MSI( Multiple Sources of Income)
(Affiliate Marketers)

Workshop can be benefitted by Brands, Experts, New Beginners who are curious to know about this trending skills & upscale their skills understanding this concepts.

Segment 2: Social Influencers & Bloggers Awards

This Awards are one of the unique awards in the country. 
Categories ( Content + Presentation + Followers )

Influencer Of The Year
Blogger Of The Year
- Lifestyle
- Food
- Travel
- Parenting
- Education
- Health & Fitness
- Business
- Technology
Social Media Queen & King
Social Media Personality Of The Year
Social Media Agency Of The Year
Brand Of The Year

Q. How to file Nomination for the Awards?
A. To file your nomination for any of the above category of Awards You need to fill the form with link below. If Judges nominate You for Awards you will be informed 2 Days before the event. You will be entitled to attend the award ceremony along with best influencers, bloggers, brands & who's who of the city. 

Their is no Fees to file nomination for award. Its free(complimentary) 

Form Link to file nomination for Award --> AWARD NOMINATION FORM

Event Flow - 14th July 2021

2pm - 3pm Registration & Meetup
3pm - 5pm Workshops
5pm - 6pm Networking
6pm - 7pm Social Influencers & Bloggers Awards

Q. How to Participate/Register for this Event?
A. Visit any of Our websites from below, You will find link on Main page that will connect to 'brandfluencers' page there. Fill the Form & pay participation fees money online through variety of payment options available there. NEFT/Netbanking/UPI/Wallets(PayTM-GPay -etc)/Credit-Debit Cards. You will get the payment receipt there itself.

Event Registration Fees & Offers ( Last Day of Registration - 7th July 2021)
Register by 30th June 2021: 
Workshop + Award Show + Networking 
Registration Fees - Rs. 499/- 
Pay here --> 
Benefit : You get 6 months FREE Bloggers.Cafe Club Membership(worth Rs. 999)

Register by 7th July 2021:
Workshop + Award Show + Networking 
Registration Fees - Rs. 499/- 
Pay here --> 

Bonuses (Worth Rs. 3497/- Free. Grab it Now - Action Takers)
- First 20 participants who registers Combo deal, get a 121 Clarity Session with Nirav Chahwala - 30minutes for Free (Charged at Rs. 999)
- Free 12 month Social Media Content planner ( worth Rs. 1499)
- You become a member of VIP Facebook Group - 
'brandfluenzers business tribe' that is community of elite Brands, Influencers, Bloggers & Affiliates ( Worth Rs. 999)

Event Highlights:
- First time connect with Brands - Influencers - Bloggers - Affiliate Marketers
- Business Lounge
- Photo Ops 
- Digital Hack Street( Ideas - Tips - Tricks)
- Gourmet Popups (Paid)
- Complimentary Tea-Coffee Lounge

Who All Can Participate ?
- Business Women - Womenpreneurs - House Makers
- Entrepreneurs - Artists
- Business Man
- Students

Participants can be from following industry whether Professional, Expert, Beginner or may be planning to take a start.(Name in Ascending order A -- > Z)
Health & Fitness
Personal Development
Social Media

Why To attend?
- Enhance your personal skills 
- Multiply your business growth
- Get clarity about concept of Branding, Influencing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing
- Know means to encash your skills by earning Multiple Sources of Income, working from your own space at your own time.
- Understand how to create your influence in the society
- Know how to develop Your authority with your skills.
-Connect with top influencers of the city.

Supported By: Elite Partners
1. Bloggers.Cafe
2. SocialFACE
3. Bhavin Shastri
4. Ido - Stories
5. Red Carpet Corporate Services

Q. What is Bloggers.Cafe? What is Bloggers.Cafe Club?
A. Bloggers.Cafe is a website all about Blogging.

It is the one of its kind Cafe in the World where Bloggers shares their thoughts, ideas, experiences in form of a blog.

Vision behind this initiative of Bloggers.Cafe is to spread knowledge, give value to the society & earn to live a freedom lifestyle.

I hereby invite Bloggers, Influencers, Brands, Affiliate Marketers to feel free and post your Blogs here so that it not only becomes a platform for sharing information but most importantly a knowledge Hub.

For Students, Entrepreneurs, Womenpreneurs, Home-Makers here ia your chance to make blogging a medium to achieve authority in society, gain financial freedom & live a lifestyle that too with Skills you master being at your own place & at your own time. How Cool is that?

Bloggers.Cafe is a concept where the Club members meet at our selected Cafe partner, once a month for a 2 hours time, where we call a known Influencer/Blogger/ Affiliate Marketer and share thier experience, their knowledge & tips for an hour. Do open house. Solve each other queries on the subject, take up a challenge in the remaining hour. Sip a Coffee or Tea & bid chow...

Interested Member has either to register for 6 months or 12 months subscription.
6 month subscribe gets 6 meets likewise 12 month subscriber gets 12 meets.

Every Subscriber gets monthly digital newsletter on digital tools, tips & tricks that will help them grow personally & their respective business.

So join in and remain updated with digital trends with Bloggers.Cafe Club

Bloggers.Cafe Club Membership 
- 999 Rs - 6 Months
- 1999 Rs - 12 Months

SocialFACE (Forum of Art Culture & Entertainment)



- A Renowned Sufi & Playback Singer

Photograhy + Cinematography Partner

Event Management Partner

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Attend the First ever Networking & Award Event to Connect & Learn with:

- Brands

- Influencers

- Bloggers

- Affiliate Marketers &

Get Inspired to start new  Journey to Be One.

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Event Registration

Fees & Offers
Register by
30th June:
1. Meet + Workshop +

Awards + Networking- Rs. 499
Pay here -->
+ 6 months FREE Bloggers.Cafe Club Membership

7th July 2021     Last Date to Register...


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